Caldev Transport and Logistics



          Caldev Movers & transportation is a division within Caldev fraternal which purely deals with logistics & transportations for both long & short distances of persons and commodities. where our core businesses include; relocations or rather moving of offices, transporting commodities, hire of heavy moving machineries, hire of buses for both tour & company staff, hire of Executive Private transport means, arrangements of touring Local/ East Africa recreational areas for camping etc,

     Our services consist of guaranteed security personnel whenever a client requires one. As a department we also a time partner with other construction companies where we offer them with any means of transportations, as you understand on-site there are usually a lot of moving up & down {ferrying materials from one end to the other etc} most of our trucks, construction equipments are used with other firms during any heavy work e.g. Road construction, civil engineering etc.


Transport & Logistic trucks {food product, beverages, cosmetics etc}





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" Great leaders learn from the past but they don't dwell there, they live in the presence but they don't accommodate it, they look to the future but don't live for it. "so shall CALDEV International too! {wisdom for living on nest egg} " Author: the President – Caldev International.

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