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      We assemble, supply, install & service all types of medical & laboratory equipment & tools e.g. we have modern Ultrasound imaging systems, CT SCAN & OPG for Radiologist, Cardiovascular, Dermatologist, gynecologist, pediatrics etc; for those in Medical field look no further than CALDEV INTERNATIONAL for your solutions. a member safety & medical International Group.

             We supply medical equipments both for private hospitals & governmental with over 22 nations n Africa using our product as well as enjoying service support from our qualified personnel/ engineers.


We’ve modern systems that never even require a doctor to use them these systems can be used by any trained person at home where a emergency occurs frequently. In such a case one is able to use equipment to identify the problem a patient has even without the Dr. report & that will even help the first aider to take the patient to the right Dr.
             The new modern systems allow families to frequently evaluate their health statutes every now & then even without going through the Dr. & be able to keep yourself checked at no fee.

          The modern systems are computerized, imagery, motion detection & scientific methodical with capability to detect micro germs in blood, body tissue scar etc. the process will also advice you on the right medical attention needed at that particular hour.

             Health is the most basic fundamental requirement for all human beings & living things without it life can be cut short within a fraction of second.   







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grandes lideres lides aprender del pasado pero no habitar alli, viven en presencia pero no adaptarse a el, miran hacia el futuro, pero no viven de alla. “ Asi sera CALDEV Internacional tambien! { Sabiduria de Vivir de unos a horritors} Autor: el Presidente – Caldev Internacional.

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