CALDEV investment



this is purely for general investments for both outsiders & staff members who want to invest their money for trade. Some of our core interests include real estate ownership/developers & managements, banking sector etc.  

              Investments is what drives a society to its highest heights & at CALDEV we’re a considerably home for everyone believing in impacting generations dimensionally! We value individuals’ efforts coz at the end of the day investments depends on each individual who by all means invests to get back good returns.

            We reach non-bankers people who can improve their livelihood if given a chance as opposed to the banking system where money is only given to him who qualify, meaning the one who banks with that particular bank & has qualifications of the same.              




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" Great leaders learn from the past but they don't dwell there, they live in the presence but they don't accommodate it, they look to the future but don't live for it. "so shall CALDEV International too! {wisdom for living on nest egg} " Author: the President – Caldev International.