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Caldev Energy saving is a purely department for electrical supply & Installation of all related electrical/energy saving solutions. Our main business include: electrical Installations, Supply & Installation of Generators, Alarm Integrated Electric fencing, solar hat systems for both home lighting & commercial usage, swimming pool, heavy duty batteries, Air conditioning & refrigeration solutions & other electrical related. 
         Solar energy is one of the most sustainable, clean, productive, efficient, and potential energy solutions. It is most usable in the tropical countries where the sun is overhead for most part of the year.

         The main advantage of utilizing solar energy as an energy solution is that it is very easy to setup equipments that collect solar energy and convert it

into usable form.

              All green plants produce food in the process of photosynthesis, in which the solar energy is converted into chemical energy of food. Similarly, there are equipments such as the photo voltaic cell that efficiently convert solar energy into electrical energy for our daily use.

            The most advantageous factor about solar energy is that it is available in abundance. This can be reasoned from the fact that only 1 percent of the sun's energy reaches Earth, and only 1 % of that is used by all the green plants and trees on the earth, and those results in the vast sources of food and agriculture throughout the world.




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" Great leaders learn from the past but they don't dwell there, they live in the presence but they don't accommodate it, they look to the future but don't live for it. "so shall CALDEV International too! {wisdom for living on nest egg} " Author: the President – Caldev International.