Welcome to the CALDEV INTERNATIONAL house of the consulting, a full member unyielding of CALDEV INTERNATIONAL.

The CALDEV Consulting House (TCCH) has its roots in the academia. More specifically, it was inspired by three processes. The first one was based in Uppsala, Sweden, at the now Nordic AfricaInstitute.


        This was a project that brought together social scientists and lawyers from ten countries of the continent. It studied economic and political liberalization in the 1990s. After 2 years, some of the CALDEV staff researchers linked up with the second process. This was based at the University of Leeds in the UK.
         Professionally trained in the UK, Amsterdam and the Middle East, our dedicated team have both the experience and understanding of our national and international Business Investors needs. These highly qualified individuals are able to assist and support our clients in fulfilling all their Business requirements.
         CALDEV Consulting House offers advice and assistance to new and current investors across the globe mostly in Africa. As a recognized consultancy office with Investors Center we also provide our clients with the following services:

Carrying out licensing for foreign and national companies

Advice on the Bahraini and Saudi Investment Authority Regulations

Assisting in Registering and Qualifying  with Government and Semi Government Agencies

Developing partnerships and Joint Venture Agreements

Obtaining Industrial Licenses

Monitoring and Handling Commercial Registration for Foreign Investors

Assistance and Advice on Visa Regulations


The combination of GCH Business Center and Consulting services can help your company navigate and overcome the difficulties faced by new investors to the region.
      Having an alliance with our team gives you the capabilities of a firm with fully established local office, state of the art equipment and professional staff. Give your startup business the resources and confidence of an established firm with CCH as your partner.
         We provide hospitality & real Estate consultancy expertise in harmony with CALDEV INTERNATIONAL standards of the highest quality. Our partner led services are tailored to individuals’ client’s requirements.

Core services:

Architectural & projects consultancy, strategies Advisory services for hospitality & real estate, Project development & management, owner representative Advisers, Operator selection, Market & financial feasibility studies, financial Advisory services, hotel Asset Management, short Assessment (due diligence) real estate portfolios/ projects hotel Asset Management & other related services.  
             This is an ICT affiliated sub-division handling amongst them affairs of general research services & trainings. Our International certified & qualified Navigators will leave you with an assurance of becoming an expert in whichever area you choose to specialize for. We also offer business advisory, independent Investigations & vetting of senior personnel’s positions in all sectors, general consulting solutions.





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" Great leaders learn from the past but they don't dwell there, they live in the presence but they don't accommodate it, they look to the future but don't live for it. "so shall CALDEV International too! {wisdom for living on nest egg} " Author: the President – Caldev International.