This is a division purely for general building, civil works, Roads Constructions, sewerage systems, drainage solutions & all other constructions works, structural engineering plus all other allied work e.g. constructions of  CANIVAS tent / normal roofing structures, Welding, General residential & commercial  Renovations- painting, Branding, Signage, civil work, etc.
    We have specialized engineers in sewer & drainage systems with experiences of over 20 years; we have constructed massive miles of drainage systems locally & internationally.
We construct roads, bridges, yards, compounds, houses etc with our qualified personnel scatted all over the world on their respective duties of the same with African continent leading. Our good work is what make us go round Africa & construct our world.
    We’ve constructed more than 170 main roads in Africa, 79 bridges & more than 307 local roads.
African countries among them Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan Burundi, Angola, Ivory Coast, Democratic of Congo, among others are seriously constructing modern Highiways & our engineers/ Consultants are participating in the process. Our target by 2020 roads infrastructure will be a thing of history but this will only be possible if we’ve peace & political good will in African continent.



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" Great leaders learn from the past but they don't dwell there, they live in the presence but they don't accommodate it, they look to the future but don't live for it. "so shall CALDEV International too! {wisdom for living on nest egg} " Author: the President – Caldev International.

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